Mini Mites

mini-miteMini Mites is an extension of our current Mighty Mites program but is specifically designed for our 1-2 year old participants. It is a holistic health and well-being program for 1- 2 year olds that is fun, musical and active!

Mini Mites differs from our regular Mighty Mites program in that it:

  • Is fast paced: each segment follows on from the next so that there is very little/no waiting time for toddlers
  • Incorporates more music and sensory cues: language might be a barrier at this age so music/ instruments and sounds are used to signal different sections of the class
  • Incorporates a segment called “The Magic Bag” where the Mighty Mites Coach reveals a new healthy food or object each week in a way that is exciting and age- appropriate
  • Incorporates more repetition: toddlers thrive on this and helps them to feel comfortable in the classes and gives them an opportunity to try out an activity which they may have only felt comfortable watching the lesson before

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