Why Mighty Mites

Mighty Mites encourages healthy habits in a child’s most critical learning years.   Although schooling begins at five, learning starts at birth.  The Mighty Mites program has been developed by professionals with extensive research and experience in the area of children’s health.

Benefits of Mighty Mites

Participating in Mighty Mites activities helps children to:

  • Optimise the development of motor skills.
  • Enhance social skills
  • Build confidence, self belief and self esteem
  • Increase happiness and a feeling of well being
  • Improve fitness
  • Improve concentration

Dietician Endorsment

“Everyone is aware of the health challenges facing young Australians today – poor eating habbits, combined with increased inactivity is resulting in a growing incidence of obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases.
“The Mighty Mites program offers a wonderful holistic approach. It combines a fun activity based program with the teaching of good eating and other healthy habbits during a child’s early years.”

– Kate Marsh – Bachelor of Science, Masters of Nutrition and Dietics, Graduate Certificate Diabetes Education and Management.
Owner of Northside Nurtition and Dietics – 02 9415 4845


Happy Healthy Kids