Happy healthy kids today are happy healthy “grown ups” tomorrow.

Mighty Mites is a complete health and well-being program for pre-school children, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle in a fun and creative way. Mighty Mites is conducted in the familiar environment of your child’s centre or kindergarten.

Mighty Mites in the News

mightymites_article_2006_LO_RES-1 NETWORK Magazine - Featured Article – “Happy, healthy kids today are happy, healthy adults tomorrow” Simone Joseph, director of Children’s Health Pty Ltd which runs the Mighty Mites program, believes that the key to bringing down Australia’s worrying childhood overweight and obesity statistics is prevention rather than cure.  Download full article
mosman_daily_lo_res-1 The Mosman Daily - Front page / Article – “Top of the tots got the lot” GONE are the days when daycare was child’s play. Lower North Shore children as young as two are kept busy at high-end childcare centres with French and Japanese lessons, yoga sessions, cooking classes, exercise programs and meditation…  Download full article

Mighty Mites Book Launch


“Just to let you know that my daughter loves the Mighty Mites coach and the program – the singing, exercises, pictures to colour in, learning about different muscles….She tells us all about it when she comes home. Gorgeous!”Francisca Barlin - Mother – Pippies at Balmoral
”I have found the Mighty Mites program to be a great success as all our enrolled preschoolers on Thursday partake in the class with Simone. The program’s use of music and group activities has captured our preschoolers and their involvement is exhibited with an abundance of enthusiasm“Rose Sheahan – Licensee - Atchison Preschool
“Everyone is aware of the health challenges facing young Australians today - poor eating habits, combined with increasing inactivity is resulting in a growing incidence of obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle disease. The Mighty Mites program offers a wonderful holistic approach“Kate Marsh, Dietician, Owner of Northside Nutrition and Dietetics
“Just to let you know we are very happy with the Mighty Mites program and so are our parents.  It has great content and the children just love it.”Gina Fitzwilliam, Manager World Tower Child Care Centre 
“The parents, children and staff are really happy with the program. The children get so excited when they find out that its Mighty Mites day – they make sure they have their t-shirts on in preparation.  The children are learning the names of their muscles and amazingly remember the names to tell their parents at the end of the day“Kylie Davenport – Director – Pippies at Balmoral
“I had 2 mighty mites jumping around doing star jumps etc while I was cooking dinner last night“Jenny Riseborough – Parent – Atchison Cottage Crows Nest

The program uses:

  • Music and group activities to build listening, learning and social skills.
  • Physical activities to build coordination, strength, balance and endurance.
  • Non -competitive programs to encourage participation and self confidence.

Happy Healthy Kids